Dan Sipple

Hi there! I am a developer from Dover, NH who has migrated to NYC. I love building things that are useful, both for myself and for others. If I'm not working you can probably find me watching the Red Sox.

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Maker's Row

I worked at Maker's Row first as a Senior Software Engineer, and later as the Lead Engineer. Maker's Row is a factory search engine for domestic manufacturers.

The main challenge at Maker's Row was architecting and implementing the strategy to move from a legacy monolith php application to a microservices architecture utilizing nodejs REST Apis and React front-ends.


I worked at Krash as a Full Stack Developer for almost 2 years from April of 2013 until March of 2015. Krash was a network of coliving spaces built specifically for the needs of entrepreneurs.

My main role at Krash was building and maintaining the internal social network that linked the members together across multiple cities and houses. I also was involved in other aspects of the businesses and built out the Craigslist posting strategy that the company's growth was fueled on.


Happie was spun out of Krash Labs in the fall of 2014 to test an innovative new way for companies to screen candidates for cultural fit at the beginning of the interview process instead of the end.

Going off the original idea of the CEO I spent the next month building a prototype of the WebRTC powered video chat platform and we had our first 3 events where 3 people got a great new job.

Your Company?

I am a Full Stack Developer who is always looking for the next challenge.

Think I'd be a good fit at your company? Please reach out to me at sipple.dan@gmail.com

My Projects

Hey Funnel

Hey Funnel is a tool that lets classified ad poster quickly and easily manage their responses by taking them out of their email and into a drag and drop sales funnel.

Theme Cupid

Theme Cupid is a WordPress theme matchmaking service that helps small business and freelancers have professional looking websites on a reasonable budget.

Buy For Us

Buy For Us is an embeddable widget which non profits can embed anywhere on their website that creates a storefront where their supporters can shop and donate.

Your Idea?

I build MVP's and prototypes for early stage startups and entrepreneurs. Have a great idea that you want to take to the next level? Email me at sipple.dan@gmail.com